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Duendelirium arose as an uncontrollable spiral made of dreams, deliriums, passions and their dark reflections. The creatures that form part of this gallery of lights and shadows called Duendelirium were seduced by a melody that whispered their names, summoning them to take their places amongst the gears of the helicoidal machine. In less than two full moons their bond was already solid and tangible. Under cover of the stars and guided by their instinct, they turned music into their common language and started to spatter the reality with essential magic, pouring it into the notes and words that make up their spells of harmony, melody and rhythm. You can feel them every time you sigh, dancing amongst masks, fangs, horns and feathers in the clearing of a forest, accompanied by their court of iron and glass that evoke an unmistakable scent of wet earth, rust and old books. If you are reading these lines, welcome to our fractalic abyss, where falling means flying.