Peperina Magenta
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1987 Mendoza, Argentina. The artist grew between the colors and papers from her architect father and fabrics, wool, and fashion magazines from her grandmother, which were her greatest inspiration. Since childhood she learned that her passion was drawing and artistic expressions.

She studied Graphic Design at the National University of Cuyo, graduating in 2014.

In 2011 she lived in Mexico, and received the greatest influence on her work, through the mix of vivid colors and textures games, representative of Mexican culture. And it was in this place where Peperina Magenta was born.

She lived in Italy from 2014-2016, where she studied and developed the art of Grottesche, characteristic of the Vatican Museums’ ceilings.

She currently lives in Copenhagen, Denmark, in the constant search for new techniques, forms and particular expressions of the culture of this great country, that inspires and enriches her work.

Her style is inspired by love, fantasy and desire, which she considers as the engine of her life. The same is characterized by the use of images of notable actresses of the 50s to 60s, which merge into raucous brushstrokes and contrasting colors, forming very bright, fresh and happy collages, inspired by pop art culture.